History of the project  

At a strategic planning meeting in March 2006, Trustees from ASB Community Trust agreed to set aside a significant sum to support an educational intervention that would, over five years, lift Maaori and Pacific community educational outcomes by 50%.

Trustees decided to convene a meeting of stakeholders and experts to help find the best way to reach this goal. From the outset, trustees stipulated that the initiative would support programmes, not buildings.

In November 2006, Trust Chair Kevin Prime invited 20 community and educational leaders to “join us in a discussion regarding what our future role might be in supporting Maaori Education”. A similar letter was sent to a group of Pacific community educationalists in April 2007. With these invitations, the Trust embarked on a journey.

The Trust then set about using a community consultation model to define the issue, put it in context and to look for a socially innovative response. Trustees agreed to support a process of challenge identification and, ultimately, to support evidence-based interventions aimed at significantly improving educational outcomes for Māori and Pacific community children.

The Trust is now looking for measurable outcomes and is prepared to back innovative interventions that will challenge the status quo in order to achieve this.

Summary think-piece

A four-page summary of the journey so far can now be downloaded as a PDF. It includes background on the initiative, the grant-making process, key lessons learned and a list of those involved in the selection committees.