Bays Community Housing Trust  

Bays Community Housing Trust (BCHT) provides housing for people in need, including teenagers leaving foster care who might otherwise struggle to find accommodation.

August 2011
BCHT formed a collaborative partnership with the Dingwall Trust to provide affordable, safe housing on Auckland’s North Shore for these teenagers. BCHT will be the landlord, providing stable residential environments, while Dingwall Trust will support the teenagers as they develop the personal and professional skills necessary for independent living.

The application identified the need for safe accommodation for young people leaving state care and the disparities they face in trying to access affordable housing. It also made clear the potential for negative social outcomes, such as long-term homelessness, if good housing is not available.

This initiative is a strong fit with ASB Community Trust’s strategic priorities for the Community Housing Projects Fund as it aims to prevent homelessness and meets the needs of youth, one of the four priority areas in this sector. It has been supported by a grant of $210,000.