Helping hearing-impaired break down barriers  

Businesses all around the region are showing their support for deaf and hearing impaired people by putting bright yellow cards on their counters and reception desks.

TrustLine newsletter, March 2012

The cards, developed by The National Foundation for the Deaf, help people communicate effectively.

So far over 4,000 have been distributed in the Auckland and Northland regions thanks to support from the ASB Community Trust and Youthtown. Over 6,000 more are available free to other businesses in these regions.

“We aim to break down barriers and these cards provide clear, concise information on how to communicate with a hearing-impaired person,” says Louise Carroll, CEO of The National Foundation for the Deaf.

“This is something that we can all benefit from and we want to see them on display at every public reception and counter.”

The yellow card is a gentle reminder to the hearing impaired person to advise the shop assistant or receptionist that they do have trouble hearing. On the back of the yellow card the following advice is listed:

  • face the person who is hearing impaired
  • speak clearly
  • speak slower
  • not to shout
  • if necessary ask the person to write down the points they are trying to make.

The cards are available from The National Foundation for the Deaf; 09 307 2922, or email delivery address details and quantity required to