Pacific hospitality a learning experience for Trust  

2012 began with staff and Trustees enjoying a Pacific culture training day at West Auckland’s Pacific Arts and Cultural Centre.

TrustLine newsletter, March 2012

We were hosted by the Pacifica Mamas at the centre, where the Mamas demonstrated the respect and hospitality so highly valued in Pacific cultures. They shared the traditional storytelling techniques used to pass on important knowledge and ended the visit with a delicious umu at lunchtime.

The event was part of our commitment to better serve the region’s Pacific communities under the Trust’s Pacific Strategy. It gave participants the opportunity to understand aspects of Pacific island life that have been brought to New Zealand, including weaving, music, dance and cultural values.
The Trust has committed to support Pacific community development and to develop and strengthen relationships with those communities throughout the region. Improving the knowledge of our staff and Trustees is an important part of that.

Fono with church leaders

Another recent Pacific Strategy initiative was the fono (meetings) held in late 2011 with Pacific church leaders in the Auckland region. These fono were part of the Trust’s follow-up actions from the Pacific engagement fono that we undertook in 2010. At the fono we began discussing ways we might work with church leaders to improve community outcomes and how churches can fit the community funding model. In Manukau the fono drew approximately 100 leaders, while another 45 attended the fono in West Auckland.

One result of those fono was that 50 Pacific leaders attended training sessions in not-for-profit management at MIT and Unitec, sponsored by ASB Community Trust. We believe this training will help strengthen the capacity of Pacific organisations and support the development of Pacific leadership – both of which are key planks in our Pacific Strategy.

This year we will continue to raise awareness of the Trust in Pacific communities, so we can ensure equity and access to our support and funding.
To find out more about our Pacific Strategy, you can download the PDF from our website: